Sunday Stills – Clouds

Here is a shot we (Armywife and I) captured while driving down the road.

Clouds with Hats?

Clouds with Hats?

Very interesting shape. To see more, visit Sunday Stills Challenge – Clouds. I’ll be hitting the road next week for a father – son trip to Utah. The Airman is reporting to his first duty station. I’m along for the ride and the adventure. My camera, lens, spare battery, and memory cards are ready. I don’t know about the rest of me.

Keep A Smile On Your Face.


25 thoughts on “Sunday Stills – Clouds

  1. Good shot…hats indeed.

    Sorry I haven’t visited your blog lately but I’ve been on vacation (in Colorado Springs for 10 days)…then when we got home I had to rush to CA the next day. My mom passed away last Sunday so it’s been a difficult time.

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