Sunday Stills – The Open Road

The Airman and I are stopped in Indiana, Hoosier Country. Whatever a Hoosier is. Sunday Stills Challenge – The Open Road was perfect for today. We traveled through places like Pilot Mountain, Mount Airy and Fancy Gap from North Carolina thru Virginia, West Virginia, Kentucky and stopped in Southern Indiana. The picture is just before we entered one of the tunnels through the mountains of West Virginia. Yes, we did beep the horn. The cloud shot was along Interstate 64 in Frankfort Kentucky. Although they are very ominous looking, nothing major fell from the sky, just a few drops.

Big Walker Mountain Tunnel

Big Walker Mountain Tunnel

Rain Clouds in Kentucky

Rain Clouds in Kentucky

Happy Birthday to Pepper.

Keep a Smile On Your Face – Regular Guy – just 1500 miles to go.


15 thoughts on “Sunday Stills – The Open Road

  1. I’ve not driven through a tunnel since we lived near Baltimore, Md. And that was under the bay. How cool to drive through the mountain. Have a safe drive to Utah. Tell the Airman I said said ‘Howdy’ from New Mexico!


  2. Very familiar shot. We’ve driven through this tunnel many times on our way to NC to see our son and on vacation. The next time will be over the mountains to CA to see him. We always blow our horn! Sounds like a great trip.

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