825 to Go

We stopped for a second night, in York Nebraska. Off we go into the wild blue yonder, heading across the state an into Wyoming. Did see one of those huge heart stopping meals, eat it in so many minutes and it is free. If you don’t, the cost is $45.00, wow. The food only weighs 9 lbs, yup, 9 heart clogging pounds of grease, oil, butter, eggs, potatoes, bacon, coffee and other things. We passed on that. I’ll post the picture when I get a chance.

Update, 9:15pm local time, here is the promised picture. You may have to take something for your stomach after viewing the picture. Btw we knocked out another 500 plus miles. Didn’t make it to Rock Springs, but stopped in Rawlins, Wyoming.

Heartburn, Heartattack, Heartache

Heartburn, Heartattack, Heartache

Keep A Smile On Your Face

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