Zero Miles to Go

Hill Air Force Base, Utah

Hill Air Force Base, Utah

Touchdown! We arrived around 1pm local time on Tuesday. The base looks very nice and modern. The surrounding area is really nice. We are staying in Salt Lake City tonight and tomorrow. I fly back home and the Airman begins his next stage of life. The drive was easy, we stopped along the way and took lots of pictures. I’ll post some or a link to them soon. We even saw antelope along the way in Wyoming. Saw some strange sites too along with beautiful scenery. We got to travel through another tunnel, albeit, a very short tunnel. I don’t think I would do this trip in the Winter. We saw actual gates on the interstate that could be shut and warning lights to get off the interstate. I am guessing the winter weather could be horrible. There were many, many snow drift fences throughout the route too.

The weather was great for the trip and I had great company.

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