Sunday Stills – Rule of Thirds

I think this captures the rules of thirds. Taken earlier in the year at the Airborne and Special Operations Museum – Fayetteville, North Carolina. To check out more photos and get a better definition, go to Sunday Stills.
Memorial Day 2009
Keep A Smile On Your Face.

21 thoughts on “Sunday Stills – Rule of Thirds

  1. These kinds of shots confuse me as to if they are correct or not. I think the fact that the road curves off to the right makes it a good example of following the “rule of thirds.” But, I am not sure if that is the reason. Or, is it that both sets of flags are on the right and left rather than the middle, since they are the subject rather than the road. No matter what the reason…it’s a great shot of our beautiful American flag!

  2. hmmm, like Carolyn, I was a little confused whether this followed the rule of thirds or not. but then I changed the zoom on my screen to 75% (because the big photos don’t fit) and suddenly it all became so much clearer as a perfect example.

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