A Bit Remiss

I’ve been a bit remiss in actual blogging. It has been busy since the Airmen arrived home and then departed for Hill AFB in Utah. I traveled with him on the drive out there and then flew back. Between the two of us, we probably took over 1000 pictures. I’ve posted many over at photobucket. I’ve managed to keep up with Sunday Stills (barely). Cauzie and her husband, the now Retired Postman came down last week. We managed to spend a day wandering around downtown Fayetteville, I’ll post some pictures this weekend. Armywife and I have been busy keeping up on yardwork and general maintenance around the house. The Mechanic and Pepper are doing fine. Pepper is chugging along working on her respiratory therapy classes. While the The Mechanic does his part to keep the city fleet of vehicles on the road and in good repair. His favorite vehicles are the garbage trucks, especially on hot days. Poochiegirl and FlxFlyer are doing fine. I believe FlxFlyer is feeling better than he has in a few years. Funny how a couple of surgeries will do that for you. Work for me has outright sucked. I’m thankful I’m working, but we’ve yet to replace a co-worker who retired in June.

To the folks in DC and Chicago – na-ha (like the kid on The Simpson’s laughs).

The weather seems to have turned (for the good) the corner into fall. We’ve had morning lows in the low 50’s, come on 40’s. Day time highs in the upper 60’s low 70’s. I do believe we are heading into the 80’s next week and that ain’t so good.

Keep A Smile On Your Face.

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