Sunday Stills – Pets

Needless to say this was an easy one for me. I have as many photos of my pets as I do my kids and wife. Congrats to Ed for having Sunday Stills up and running for one year. Click on the link to see more Sunday Still Pets.

The story for each photo:
First up – Bailey. We’ve had her since she was about 3 or 4 months old. We’re her third home. She was found alongside a road and adopted by a family that couldn’t keep her. We adopted her, or I should say, she adopted us at the local PetSmart. Full of love and energy, not to mention the smartest dog I’ve ever had. Did I forget to say she LOVES to play Frisbee?

Second up – Baxter, our cat who thinks he is a dog (the alpha male no less). Baxter came from a litter of wild kittens living under the house next door. One lick of Armywife’s toe and he was in like Flynn. Baxter keeps in shape by chasing and allowing to be chased by Bailey. They sleep together on cold nights and love to play. He is also loves to “help” around the house.

Last, but not least – Chester. He was abandoned in our neighborhood. We heard his Bloodhound bark first and then saw him in our back yard. We couldn’t believe someone would just leave him. The second day of seeing him, Armywife tossed a couple of treats his way, keeping a fence between himself and her, he would not come close to us. Accepting those treats and feeling no threat, he came around the fence. We put out a bowl of food, that I sat next to with my back to him and his escape route. He slowly came up and ate. I turned around very slow and kept my eyes away from his. I rubbed his ears (favorite spot on a Bloodhound). We got him in the house discovered no markings, no collar, no tags, but he had manners. Over $1000 later, our free dog is enjoying the best life he has ever had. He just got a new bed for the living room replacing the pad we had for his old bones. He gets along great with Bailey and tolerates the terrorist Cat. This is about as spunky as Chester gets, although he gets a wild hair and lets Bailey run around him while he barks at her. He loves for me to rub his head and ears while I play Frisbee with Bailey. I guess that is his version of playing.

Keep A Smile On Your Face.

16 thoughts on “Sunday Stills – Pets

  1. What a great animal family! Baxter looks like a real cut-up. Great photos of Bailey and Chester, too. Although I am the Crazy Chicken Lady, I have the softest spot in my heart for dogs. Ours are all rescues, too. Even the sheep was a rescue.

  2. Paki-Paki (clap in Maori in New Zealand) for what you have done for Chester. Can’t imagine why people abandon him. Though I have encountered expensive puppies been neglected and abandoned.

  3. Awwww! I love Chester! Your photo captures his personality well. So, I must ask….why $1000 later? gah!
    Terrific frisbee action shot with Bailey. wow! And that picture of Baxter makes me laugh. My son’s cat Hopi acts more like a dog and seeks out dog companionship, too.


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