Sunday Stills Challenge – Technology

The challenge this week was technology. The first shot is technology today (at least my travel kit). Note the picture of my Nikon on the computer (shot from the computer’s camera), iPhone and video camera screen. I have my MacBook Pro, iPhone (with iPod), Blackberry (for work), 105mm lens, digital video camera, portable hard drive, flash unit, 2 extra 4GB discs for camera and my TomTom GPS. I follow the guidance of someone out there who said they always take their camera and one extra lens when they travel. The video camera stays home unless I’m on vacation or know for sure I’m going to use it. Of course there are a ton of cables and chargers that go with this stuff. Armywife made me some handy zip bags to keep things separate, yet in a controlled “mess.”

The second shot is my backup technology – pen, notebook and watch. Where I work doesn’t allow you to bring in cell phones, iPods, PDA or any such handy modern-day conveniences. I attend way too many meetings and take lots of notes, that I transfer to my work computer (which can’t come home with me either).
Technology Backup

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Twelve more days to Christmas – my lights are finally up.

Keep A Smile On Your Face.

9 thoughts on “Sunday Stills Challenge – Technology

  1. I like the red and how there is a lot going on in the first photos, yet it doesn’t feel claustrophobic or cluttered. The second picture is very simple and organized.


  2. That is a lot of gear you carry around with you. But you are right, always bring your camera. Personally I always have a compactcamera in my pocket or purse. Love the contrast of the second shot with the first. Of course the traditional notebook is the most reliable of the whole lot πŸ˜‰

  3. I just got my first external hard drive. I also have extra zip drives that I carry when I need to save my files. I’m sure all of those cables would make a mess.

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