Sunday Stills – Your Best Shot 2009


Sunday Stills - Sound

This was harder than I thought. I did limit myself to only those photos I used on Sunday Stills. The first is my Bloodhound, Chester. This was for Sunday Stills Sound. He really looks like he is letting loose with a howl. I like how his coat and colors came out in contrast to the green background, not to mention the focus on him.

Spring Love or Spring Cleaning?

Sunday Stills - Animals of Husbandry

The second one was a couple of cows showing some Spring Love, at least it appears that way, behind my Son’s house. This was for Sunday Stills Animals of Husbandry. I think again, it is the contrast in the shot between the background, head and body of the cows along with what a appears to be a gesture of affection. In reality I’m sure it is not.

Keep A Smile On Your Face.


14 thoughts on “Sunday Stills – Your Best Shot 2009

  1. Great shots! As someone who lives with cows they do look friendly with each other….cows do form friendships and choose to be buddies with certain other cows. We have one big one who will clear the rest of em off the feeder wagon so her little buddies have room to eat. lol

  2. I remember the great story about Chester when I see his photo again! He’s such a great looking dog.

    Yes I would have to agree–farm animals do show each other affection and form friendships. We just saw the movie FRESH that contrasts industrialized ag with small farms; you can see the fear and stress on the faces of the animals that are crammed into feedlots, and you can witness the playfulness and bonding of animals that live on family farms. I highly recommend it.

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