Sunday Stills Moods & Emotions

I don’t think I need to say to much with this one. To see more, go to Sunday Stills.

Winter Bath

Armywife took this shot, I was busy keeping the beast in the tub. Keep A Smile On Your Face


13 thoughts on “Sunday Stills Moods & Emotions

  1. We know this look all too well. Tully will go get real comfy thinking you won’t disturb him to put him in the tub. Afterward, he lays there and ignores you – like, how could you do this to me?

    Very good!

  2. Hehe I want to plug my nose looking at this shot! Usually the main reason for our dog getting thrown in the tub is that she found some “special perfume” and I’m usually trying not to gag or smell too much while I’m scrubbing her down. And she usually looks about that happy about it! lol Great shot!

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