Fun In the Sun to Ice and Snow

We made it back from Florida a day early. Missed out on a swamp boat ride that was pretty awesome. Cauzie and The Mailman took the ride while we were driving back to NC. They saw lots of gators and got a 2 hour ride out of it. We stopped off in Florence South Carolina to pick up some grub, just in case we were stuck at home for a day or two. Good move, I might add. No crowds in South Carolina stocking up on bread and toilet paper.

We came back early to avoid the bad weather. We went from the 70’s yesterday to 26 right now, quite a change for the body. It is supposed to get down into the teens tonight. We have a bit of snow but mostly ice on the ground. It was raining or sleeting a while ago. Now there is a fire in the fireplace and we are settled in for the evening. Dad got to go home and make sure mom and the kitties had power without having to take care of the granddogs and grandcat. The dogs got to play outside while I cleared the walkway and the back steps. Even got in some Ice Frisbee for Bailey.

We had a great time in Florida, now we have to go back and do the boat ride.

Keep warm where ever you are and Keep A Smile On Your Face.

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