Sunday Stills Hot Sauces and Salsa

The Superbowl Snowstorm has wound down and left a ton of snow and ice in its wake. We are sitting here enjoying a very nice and very warm fire in our living room. No snow and no ice here, just rain and cold temps. Hope all of our friends in the DC and Maryland area are doing well. Keep your powder (and wood) dry.

Armywife created this pile-o-stuff that just so happens to include salsa. Topped with sour cream, salsa, tomatoes, chopped lettuce, ground beef with black beans and a touch of shredded cheese. Use some of your favorite chips (Scoops) and watch it magically disappear. Warning don’t click here unless your are already full or have your own supply of food and drink nearby.

Salsa with some gusto and scoops

Keep A Smile On Your Face.


8 thoughts on “Sunday Stills Hot Sauces and Salsa

  1. Delish! I could eat this kind of food all day long. And considering that it’s been snowing off and on for over a week and promises of snow all week, too…..I might just have to stock up and hunker down to more munching! lol!


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