Sunday Stills – Numbers

This week I traveled cross country to California. My bags didn’t quite make the same journey I did. They followed a day later to California and 6 hours later when I returned home. It rained my first two days and I thought great, I brought my camera for naught, no photos. But Thursday came through, bright and blue.  We finished early afternoon and I headed South on California 1 towards Big Sur. I had my comfy shoes in the car along with a fleece jacket to handle the cool ocean breeze. I stopped off at Point Lobos State Reserve and spent a few hours walking, taking in the sights, smells and sounds of the Pacific. I stayed for sunset. I have a few more photos under this post from that day.

On to the challenge – numbers. The numbers are my receipt for entrance into the park, well worth it. Enjoy the pictures and visit more numbers at Sunday Stills. Don’t forget to click on the pics to bigify them.


Keep A Smile On Your Face.


6 thoughts on “Sunday Stills – Numbers

  1. Sorry to hear about your luggage and the rain. We had quite a few rain in the evenings here in the Los Angeles area.

    Yes, I keep my receipt too, because the park rangers check our tickets every now and then.

  2. We’ve had a lot of rain lately too. Bad timing for your trip. I love any amount of time on the PCH that I can get; one day I will stop at Point Lobos.

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