Milestone Day

I celebrated a milestone this week. The cake picture says it all, note that the number is slightly out of focus, much as my close up world is without my glasses LOL. My youngest son, The Airman, surprised me by showing up. Armywife very successfully conspired to have him show up without my knowledge. She did a very good job, despite the slip of the tongue from Mr. Mechanic. We went out to eat at a local Japanese Steakhouse with Poochiegirl, FlxFlyer, Mr. Mechanic, Pepper, The Airman and Armywife.

The Number says it all.

Standing: The Airman and Mr. Mechanic. Sitting: Regular Guy and Armywife

The Airman goes back at O-dark-hundred Monday. We’ve been sorting out backpacking gear he is going to take back to enjoy the great outdoors in Utah and surrounding areas. Mr. Mechanic departed for Bristol for the big race this weekend.

Thanks to my mom and dad, my sons and daughter in law and a special thanks to my wife for the gifts and gadgets. Armywife hooked me up with three CDs that she created. They contain all of the number 1 songs for each year since I was born. There was some modification to the list, but it is great gift. Thank you Armywife and iTunes (I’m sure iTunes appreciates it too).

Keep A Smile On Your Face


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