Sunday Stills A Day In the Life

No more than four pics, I can handle that. Mr. Mechanic came over and helped me get the rail and door up on our shed. The doors were in three pieces after I put them together. They have been in the garage for way to long (can I get an Amen from Armywife). The old doors, it was in two halves rotted away and were held in place by the locks. I got the idea to use barn rails from several magazines and looking at all those barns on Sunday Stills. Tractor Supply had just the hardware I needed. The doors slides open so nice and doesn’t open into the yard like the old one did. Note the paper is Sunday’s and has a reference to Horses (most of you Sunday Stiller’s should like that); the Final Four for Basketball and of course the return of thousands of Soldier’s from Haiti.

The start of the day

Working Hand

The Door is Up


Note the braces on the door. They were on the other side, until I had problems shutting the door. The ramps are for the riding mower (my version of a tractor). Except for paint and a couple of hardware pieces (like a handle) it is done. To see more, go to Sunday Stills.

Keep A Smile On Your Face


10 thoughts on “Sunday Stills A Day In the Life

  1. Good job.
    Love the sliding door, so much more efficient than a swinging door.

    …and how many of us included coffee in our important four pics of the day?!

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