Sunday Stills Landscapes

This week the challenge was landscapes. I traveled, yet again, along Interstate 95 this week. I’ve chosen a few different views of a landscape.

First landscape from inside a hotel. I did convert this to black and white with a blue filter.

The Walk to the Room

Second up, landscape urban town center near Washington DC. I liked the art work and waited for the evening sky to give me a outline look.

Reston Town Center

Last landscape, an abandoned gas station. It sits parallel to Interstate 95 on highway 301. Highway 301 used to be the main road up and down the east coast. It is still there, but like the picture shows, life has moved on and left some places along the road behind. Ed, I know you travel I95, this is on Southbound side, just before exit 33 (Davis Travel Center and Starbucks).

Firego Gas Station

To see more landscapes, go to Sunday Stills.

Keep A Smile On Your Face.

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