Sunday Stills – Eyes

The eye pictures are through a pair of binoculars. This was a tricky shot. It took a few shots and moving around to get it right.  Even tried using a rifle scope, but the cross hairs were too faint to really pick up on the picture. The second one, is a self portrait, lots of adjustments with the focus and aperture on this one, never came out like I really wanted, but this one was acceptable. The cat eyes were easy. Baxter was on the deck while we were trying to get the binocular shots right. He was just soaking up the heat. Make sure you “bigify” them.

Who's Looking At Ya

Self Portrait Eye


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Keep A Smile On Your Face.


15 thoughts on “Sunday Stills – Eyes

  1. You clever thing.

    I didn’t even think of the binoculous though on Friday, i dressed one of my boys as a pirate and gave him a binoculous during our book parade,

  2. Nice work. Very edgy. There’s an eerie quality about them all that I find hmm, for lack of a better phrase, “thought provoking.”

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