Sunday Stills Clouds

Next up in the Sundays Stills photo challenge – Clouds.

The first shot was the view from our hotel room during a recent stay in Dade City, Florida. Usually I have a view of a parking lot, apartments, a road or street or some shopping center/strip mall. This was a pleasant change from my normal views.
Wispy Cloud
Next is a shot taken just before a drag race event in Rockingham, North Carolina.
Old Glory
Last but not least was from a trip to Monterey, California in the Spring of this year. It rained all day, but ended very nicely.
End of the Storm

To see more clouds, go to Sunday Stills – Clouds.

Keep A Smile On Your Face.

9 thoughts on “Sunday Stills Clouds

  1. Was recently in Dade City for lunch. That’s a good shot. The second shot grabs my heart. The third is my favorite, for I am a beach person and that photo is perfect composition. Beautiful.

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