Sunday Stills – Statues or Figurines

In typical fashion, I had an idea in my head and waited until the last minute to do it. Bailey went with me to explore downtown Fayetteville in the early hours while the sunlight was just coming into play.

First up is Angel of Hope in Linear Park.
Angel of Hope

Second shot is Iron Mike. Iron Mike is dedicated to the Airborne Soldiers from WWII, but has come to represent all that have served in the Airborne.
Iron Mike

Last up is my faithful pooch, Bailey. She quietly sits by while I snap pictures and gets to sniff around when I’m not.
Photo Bug

Keep A Smile On Your Face. Click her to see more Sunday Stills Statues and Figurines.

10 thoughts on “Sunday Stills – Statues or Figurines

  1. Wow..mega-awesome the angel of captured such a strong presence and vibe to it..beautiful!
    Happy SS!
    Thanks for visiting me too

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