Sunday Stills Shoes or Boots

It was actually under 60 degrees outside when I got up this morning. That feels good. The windows are open with the cat perched in one, imagining that he is an outside cat. The dogs are parked in front of a window with their nose glued to the screen to take in the air. I don’t remember when our last morning this cool was. The humming birds are still here, feeding and fighting over the feeders in our yard. Soon they’ll leave for warmer areas. I’m ready for Fall. We could also use some rain, the grass is getting pretty dry. Hurricane Earl didn’t even give us a drop of rain.

The picture was at the Mile High marker (no comments on that please) at Grandfather Mountain, North Carolina. The feet belong to Regular Guy and Armywife.
Mile High

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Keep A Smile On Your Face.

5 thoughts on “Sunday Stills Shoes or Boots

  1. This works well for this week’s Sunday Still! I never would have thought there was a place in North Carolina with that much elevation! On a step at the State Capitol building in Denver,CO, there is an elevation mark telling you that you are at a mile high. Think that is why Denver is called “The Mile High City”? LOL

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