Sunday Stills Billboards

This week the challenge was to find an annoying or dilapidated billboard. Annoying we have.

Anyone that has traveled through North Carolina on I95 South has seen many a sign advertising South of the Border, which is a tourist trap just over the border in South Carolina. I have traveled north on I95 from Georgia/Florida through South Carolina and don’t think there as many signs in that direction as there are in North Carolina. The signs have been “cleaned” up since our first trip along that highway in 1985.

You have to read the first sign very carefully. The second one was about 100 yards away from the first one. I passed 6 or 7 “South of the Border” billboards before I decided on these two. I thought the colors were very good on these. They used to be black with white letters and some colors in them. Now they have very vibrant colors to draw your eye in.
South of the Border Sign

Another South of the Border Sign
The last shot is just for fun, since Halloween is just around the corner.
Appropriate for Halloween

To see more billboards, go to Sunday Stills.

Keep A Smile On Your Face.

5 thoughts on “Sunday Stills Billboards

  1. Oh my gosh! Oh yes, very annoying. lol! I remember South of the BOrder from when I was just a kid with my parents on road trips.
    All the repetitious billboards remind me of “The Thing” in southern Arizona. For miles, you just see signs for “The Thing”, but when you finally arrive, it’s just a dinky little bizarre museum/gas station place. But you just gotta see “The Thing”, especially after all those annoying reminders. lol!


  2. LOL!!! I was just there last week and thought of getting a couple of pics of the SOTB billboards, I like the one with the rotating sheep and the “you never sausage a place one”…:-))

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