A Day at the Vet

This morning was our annual trip to the vet for Baxter (eyes in header) and Bailey. Chester is a solo trip because he is a 105 pound bulldozer/tank. Baxter sings all the way there and while in the waiting room. Bailey sits patiently at my side with her chin on my knee. Baxter clams up when we go into the room. I’m sure he is thinking “if I’m quiet I will avoid the checkup.” Bailey – all is well with temp check, but when the fecal check was done – wow. I swear her eyes got bigger as she jerked her head towards me. “What is this about?” is how I read it.
Baxter comes out and sits quietly on the scale and takes his exam like a champ. He practically runs back into his carrier when I opened it up. Back in the truck, let the singing begin.
All pets are fine, even Chester who had to hide while we worked on our deck (loud pounding noises and power saws are not good bloodhound sounds).
Keep A Smile On Your Face.

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