Sunday Stills Halloween


We had trick or treaters on Saturday. The weather was perfect – clear and in the low 60’s. We were worried that we didn’t buy enough candy, but low and behold we had 1/4 of our stash left when it was over. We did carve a pumpkin and our son and his wife stopped by to see what they could get.

Kitty Pumpkin

Bailey got to go as a Bubble Bee, because she is Busy as a Bee. She was also our first customer.

Busy as a Bee

We had a eerie fog that mysteriously rolled in at trick or treat time. I ended up foggy most of the neighborhood with my machine.

Mystery Fog?

We had yummy treats for the kids, don’t mind the eyeballs and spider eggs.

Yummy Treats

We enjoyed the evening and the great company we had. To see more Halloween pictures, go to Sunday Stills.

Keep A Smile On Your Face.


5 thoughts on “Sunday Stills Halloween

  1. Great job, I was at Ft. Bragg last week picking up uniforms so they could be incenerated, I did’nt realize the amount of waste that goes on at military bases. When I was in we did’nt think about it..:-)

  2. Niiiiiiice! Love the fog and the cute bumble bee! And the eye balls are a great touch! Oh, and the kitty pumpkin too, WAY cute! You guys went all out! Love it!

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