Sunday Stills Holiday Decorations

As you can see, we took a few photos while visiting our youngest son in Salt Lake City earlier this month. The lights and size of the Christmas Tree screamed “take a picture in front of me”. We managed to take our fair share of photos.

Merry Christmas to all of you Sunday Stills photographers, my friends and family across the globe and those of you who wandered onto this site.

You may notice this picture is similar to last weeks post, with a big difference. Regular Guy spotted mistletoe and got a big kiss from Armywife.

A Big Hug to the youngest Son from his Mom. Notice that the tree changed colors. They did a great job of decorating that town square area of Salt Lake City.
A Christmas Hug

Although this is 4 years old, I do like it. It is from my point and shoot that has since moved on to electronic wasteland. Downtown Fayetteville celebrating the lighting of the Christmas Tree (2006).
22. street-lights

Keep A Smile On Your Face.

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