White Christmas – Almost

We came very close to having snow on Christmas Day. It started around 2am on December 26 and didn’t end until 5 or 6 pm. We ended up with around 8 inches of snow – woohoo! The dogs loved it. Armywife and I got out with them to enjoy the quiet that comes with falling snow. It will be 60 later this week, go figure. Our town hasn’t seen snow fall on Christmas day in many a moon (1946 or so).

I went out today to check on my Son’s house and their cats, all was well. Then we ventured over to my mom and dad’s to hook up a DVD player we gave them and drop off homemade potato soup made by my lovely bride. Bailey enjoyed the trip too, she gets lots of attention by Grandma and Grandpa. Plenty of ear rubbing.

Pictures are from our backyard and my Son’s front yard (last shot) in Cedar Creek. There are a few more snow shots in the blog below this one.
Bailey Plow
Cedar Creek

Keep A Smile On Your Face.


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