Sunday Stills Your Best Shot 2010

Happy New Year to all. My year on WordPress  was 54 posts with over 3700 hits, enough people to fill over 9 747-400s. I’m sure many out there get many more hits on their blogs. I limited myself to WordPress this year. I had a blog on typepad and blogger, but settled on WordPress as the easiest to manage.

Sunday Stills Challenge this week is a tough challenge, picking what you like from your own pictures. I did limit myself to three. Last year my #1 picture was a shot of Chester in our backyard with his head thrown back as though he were howling, that picture received the most published comments for 2009. So without any more fanfare, my three favorite shots of 2010.

The California Coast, March 2010 – a shot looking down on the surf below.
Looking down

A picture of bubbles I created with dishsoap, a clear bowl, flashlight and a straw.

Last one, a macro shot of a Mexican Sunflower in our garden.
Mexican Sunflower

Keep A Smile On Your Face. Looking forward to another year of Sunday Stills.

13 thoughts on “Sunday Stills Your Best Shot 2010

  1. That soap bubble photo is so interesting and captures my attention. I like it! And the first one gives me a bit of vertigo, but makes me want to peer a little closer to explore the bottom of the cliff.
    Maybe I should learn to how to rapell?

    Nicely done,

    Happy New Year from New Mexico!

  2. Three great shots. Love the perspective in the first one…’bout gives me vertigo! But the bubbles are totally fun! The sunflower has gorgeous color tones.

    Happy New Year and cheers to more great shots in 2011~

  3. I remember the one of Chester! These three are phenomenal shots! I once lived in California and remember views like the first one, it brought back a lot of memories! Wishing you a Happy New Year!

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