Sunday Stills – Churches and Graveyards

The Sunday Stills Challenge was old churches and graveyards. We have both in Fayetteville and Sunday morning was a great day for photos. Clear blue skies, no haze and cool temps.
The front door of First Presbyterian Church – founded in 1800, burned in 1831 and rebuilt in 1832. The front doors are part of the original wall. General Sherman is rumored to have camped in the church yard during his march through North Carolina in 1865.
Front Door First Presbyterian Church

The front of the Church.
First Presbyterian Church

Cross Creek Cemetery, many people born in the 1700’s are buried here.
Cross Creek Cemetery

United Methodist Church, downtown Fayetteville.

Keep A Smile On Your Face.

14 thoughts on “Sunday Stills – Churches and Graveyards

  1. Your old churches are so much grander than the old churches out here in my neck of the woods (Central Oregon). Thanks for posting these photos. If you want a comparison, have a look-see at my blog post on Abandoned Oregon. It is amazing that old church is still standing.

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