Sunday Stills Your Camera and Equipment

I almost missed this Sunday Stills challenge this week. The weather has been great and I had a busy week and weekend. Enjoying the new covered deck I dug out, yes dug out, because I haven’t been in the photo mood, my bag and gear. My big tripod is somewhere tucked away.

I was also working on family ancestry stuff, found a divorce decree along with the marriage certificate and application for my great great grandfather (circa 1892 – his second marriage and 1900 for the divorce). My great great grandmother passed away in the 1889 timeframe. Pretty neat stuff.

Here is my gear – Nikon D60 with the SB-600 flash (don’t use it enough), with the 10-24mm wide angle mounted and sitting on my mini tripod which I bought in Germany in 1982. My Lowepro gear bag, 18-55 and 55-200 lenses that came with the camera and a Nikon remote button. I highly recommend a remote for night shots and those long exposures or when you want those self-portraits. I took the picture with my wife’s 14 MP Nikon Coolpix which is very handy and does a fantastic job. My original Pentax K1000 is somewhere in my closet (probably next to the tripod) that I bought in 1978 and been around the world with me (at least until I picked up my first digital camera around 2001). Sorry for the pause in my typing, I am enjoying a very good piece of chocolate cake – oh wait, you don’t know I’m pausing to type.

Camera Gear 2011

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10 thoughts on “Sunday Stills Your Camera and Equipment

  1. I don’t know were to begin, GRAIN STUFF!!! my camera seems so little. I would have liked to had a shot of the chocolate cake… LOL I work on genealogy also, it’s a lot of fun. have a great week Sam Starr

  2. that’s a huge camera! thanks for the comment on my blog. I’m trying to put all the info together and decide what I want. I think #1 is the ability to zoom in.

  3. i didn’t get around to checking out your post.. i’m sorry about that buddy!
    but.. oooo you have the flash i want to buy (it’s been discontinued here, but i’m hoping to get one off ebay)
    i also have the 10-12 .. love that lense!

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