Sunday Stills Rust!

The Sunday Stills Challenge this week was Rust! – we’ve have some rust. It seemed like everything had rust on it when I was growing up in Michigan. Although it is still around us, it just doesn’t seem as prevalent as days gone by.

The shots are of a yard decoration and a bucket of old rusty nails from our old deck. Some of them almost came apart when I touched them with the hammer or nail puller.

First up is the bucket of nails
Old Deck Nails

This is my favorite – a garden decoration that moves with the wind.
Happy Bird

Keep all of those that suffered through those terrible storms across the South East this week in your prayers.

Keep A Smile On Your Face.

17 thoughts on “Sunday Stills Rust!

  1. Rust and dust always abound that’s for sure. I thought of doing a bucket of rusty nails but I’d have had to drag it out of the shop 😉

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