Sunday Stills Doors and Doorknobs

Happy Mother’s Day to Poochiegirl and Armywife and all of you other Mother’s out there. I hope you all have an enjoyable day.

Sunday Stills Challenge doors and doorknobs. The “new” screen door – after one dog (Bailey) went through it and then the cat (Baxter) eased out through the screen it was time to fix it for good. Armywife and I replaced the screen – keeping it tight was quite the effort. I then placed “Dog Protection” on the outside in the form of 3 wooden slats. All in all it turned out good.

New Anti Dog Door

Armywife on the outside of a shed that is in bad need of a new door. The shed is where our “old” new table came from.


Last up, the door to underneath the house. We don’t have a basement, we have a “crawl” space.

"Crawl" Space

Keep A Smile On Your Face and Happy Mother’s Day again.

8 thoughts on “Sunday Stills Doors and Doorknobs

  1. I too have a crawl space but my door doesn’t have that fancy latch. Funny I also have a duct taped sliding glass screen door from the days of cats that I’ve yet to fix! Nice job!

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