Out Back

I don’t remember having such a colorful fall in Fayetteville. I guess that is the payoff of having such a hot summer. We’ve had great weather lately and wonderful colors. We have some bright reds in the front yard. Didn’t have to drive to the mountains to get these colors, they are right out back. The first shot is looking up from our Blue Bird House. The second one, is that little helper I can’t go outside without – Bailey. Chester was wandering around the yard, probably looking for some dirt to lay in while the cat is sneaking off the deck to explore the yard.

Japanese Maple on the left and Poplar on the right

My Outside and Weekend Shadow

I just realized I haven’t posted in quite a while. I was doing so good and then poof too much to do. I’m on the road right now in DC and Armywife is over at Cauzie’s house in Maryland. FlxFlyer is watching over his grand dogs and grand cat.

The Airman is doing great out in Utah – surviving the snow. Mr. Mechanic is loving the supervisor role and Pepper is doing great at the hospital. Poochiegirl and FlxFlyer are about to celebrate their 53rd Anniversary – love to you mom and dad.

I need to get to bed. Hope everyone has a great week.

Keep A Smile On Your Face.

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