Sinclair Gas Sign

Here is the sign through the clean up drill. I think we have a buyer too. A man is coming with cash tomorrow, keep your fingers crossed. The sign was sitting against the shed in my mother-in-laws backyard. It is 7ft wide and 5ft tall with a green frame around it. Searching the web and Ebay trying to get an idea of how much is this thing worth. We found one for $2500, but the man selling it has not moved it in over a year. We found another one, around $850 with no bids.

As we found it


Good side with my gloves on it

Letters and numbers etched on both sides - LR 61 or IR 61

Next came moving this puppy – and it ain’t light. Breaking out the hose and dish soap and scrubbing away the grime.

Test Clean the "bad" side

Good Side cleaned up

The Bad Side cleaned up

I even tweeted a picture to American Pickers, hoping Danielle would show up to to “negotiate.”

Keep A Smile On Your Face and fingers crossed for the buyer to come through.

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