Sunday Stills Holiday Lights and Decorations

Getting ready for Christmas is hard when the temps are in the 70’s and approaching 80 (on December 22). Our youngest son is coming in from Utah today, his first Christmas with all of us since 2006. The ceramic tree is from the 80’s, made by my Aunt Mary Ann, still works good. The votive is from our time in Germany.




To see more go to Sunday Stills.

Keep A Smile On Your Face and Merry Christmas to everyone.

Sunday Stills Motorcycles

Needless to say the weather did not cooperate well this week. When I had a camera with me, it rained. Going through my photos also showed me I don’t have any motorcycle photos. I did have a photo of my dad sometime around 1969 on a Greeve’s Motorcycle. It was motocross style motorcycle.  I did  manage a photo outside the local Cape Fear Harley Davidson last night just after sunset. I also used an antique filter for it.


DSC_0018 - Version 2

To see more motorcycles, go to Sunday Stills. Maybe I can rectify my lack of motorcycle photos by buying one – what say you Armywife?

Speaking of weather – it has been crazy here this week. I don’t ever remember an August were we had three days in a row of high temperatures below 80. The summer has been very mild, very few hot days (hot and high humidity). I could actually like it. I thought I was in the mountains on Thursday morning when it was around 60 with low humidity.

Keep A Smile On Your Face

Vacation Time!

Nothing like a family trip to the mountains. We headed out here on Monday. A bit of snow for most of Tuesday and a good fire going in the fireplace. Today is supposed to be a wintry mix, so another fire is in order. Staying connected isn’t an issue. We have iPads (1st and 3rd generation), Galaxy Tablet, Laptops, and smartphones. The signal isn’t too great for any of our phones (that is a good thing).

Some high tech visiting.

The hot tub is up and running, ready to warm some folks up. No signs of Squatch, but we think we heard some Turkey’s. Tried our iPhone Turkey call, but no response.

Maybe it will clear up at night and I can get in some night shots.

Keep A Smile On Your Face.

Sinclair Gas Sign

Here is the sign through the clean up drill. I think we have a buyer too. A man is coming with cash tomorrow, keep your fingers crossed. The sign was sitting against the shed in my mother-in-laws backyard. It is 7ft wide and 5ft tall with a green frame around it. Searching the web and Ebay trying to get an idea of how much is this thing worth. We found one for $2500, but the man selling it has not moved it in over a year. We found another one, around $850 with no bids.

As we found it


Good side with my gloves on it

Letters and numbers etched on both sides - LR 61 or IR 61

Next came moving this puppy – and it ain’t light. Breaking out the hose and dish soap and scrubbing away the grime.

Test Clean the "bad" side

Good Side cleaned up

The Bad Side cleaned up

I even tweeted a picture to American Pickers, hoping Danielle would show up to to “negotiate.”

Keep A Smile On Your Face and fingers crossed for the buyer to come through.

Out Back

I don’t remember having such a colorful fall in Fayetteville. I guess that is the payoff of having such a hot summer. We’ve had great weather lately and wonderful colors. We have some bright reds in the front yard. Didn’t have to drive to the mountains to get these colors, they are right out back. The first shot is looking up from our Blue Bird House. The second one, is that little helper I can’t go outside without – Bailey. Chester was wandering around the yard, probably looking for some dirt to lay in while the cat is sneaking off the deck to explore the yard.

Japanese Maple on the left and Poplar on the right

My Outside and Weekend Shadow

I just realized I haven’t posted in quite a while. I was doing so good and then poof too much to do. I’m on the road right now in DC and Armywife is over at Cauzie’s house in Maryland. FlxFlyer is watching over his grand dogs and grand cat.

The Airman is doing great out in Utah – surviving the snow. Mr. Mechanic is loving the supervisor role and Pepper is doing great at the hospital. Poochiegirl and FlxFlyer are about to celebrate their 53rd Anniversary – love to you mom and dad.

I need to get to bed. Hope everyone has a great week.

Keep A Smile On Your Face.

Sunday Stills Your Camera and Equipment

I almost missed this Sunday Stills challenge this week. The weather has been great and I had a busy week and weekend. Enjoying the new covered deck I dug out, yes dug out, because I haven’t been in the photo mood, my bag and gear. My big tripod is somewhere tucked away.

I was also working on family ancestry stuff, found a divorce decree along with the marriage certificate and application for my great great grandfather (circa 1892 – his second marriage and 1900 for the divorce). My great great grandmother passed away in the 1889 timeframe. Pretty neat stuff.

Here is my gear – Nikon D60 with the SB-600 flash (don’t use it enough), with the 10-24mm wide angle mounted and sitting on my mini tripod which I bought in Germany in 1982. My Lowepro gear bag, 18-55 and 55-200 lenses that came with the camera and a Nikon remote button. I highly recommend a remote for night shots and those long exposures or when you want those self-portraits. I took the picture with my wife’s 14 MP Nikon Coolpix which is very handy and does a fantastic job. My original Pentax K1000 is somewhere in my closet (probably next to the tripod) that I bought in 1978 and been around the world with me (at least until I picked up my first digital camera around 2001). Sorry for the pause in my typing, I am enjoying a very good piece of chocolate cake – oh wait, you don’t know I’m pausing to type.

Camera Gear 2011

Keep A Smile On Your Face

Sunday Stills Your Favorite Place

Sunday Stills Challenge for this week, show your favorite place. After a week trip to California it was easy to pick.

Right next to Armywife is my favorite place. At home watching TV, living in Germany (twice), sitting on the deck, eating a meal, on the road, the mountains, the beach, helping with after dinner clean up or where ever we may be. After 30 years (last weekend) of marriage we still like and love each other.

Wedding Bells February 1981

Salt Lake City

Blue Ridge Parkway

Keep A Smile On Your Face.

Sunday Stills Emotion

Here is my stab at emotion for Sunday Stills. Not very creative this week, lots and lots of gloomy weather along with getting our new roof put on the house. Keep A Smile On Your Face.

Baxter licking his chops as he enter the new covered deck.

Hope My Chair is Ready

Bailey waiting for someone (me) to throw something for her to chase.

Frisbee Anyone?