White Christmas – Almost

We came very close to having snow on Christmas Day. It started around 2am on December 26 and didn’t end until 5 or 6 pm. We ended up with around 8 inches of snow – woohoo! The dogs loved it. Armywife and I got out with them to enjoy the quiet that comes with falling snow. It will be 60 later this week, go figure. Our town hasn’t seen snow fall on Christmas day in many a moon (1946 or so).

I went out today to check on my Son’s house and their cats, all was well. Then we ventured over to my mom and dad’s to hook up a DVD player we gave them and drop off homemade potato soup made by my lovely bride. Bailey enjoyed the trip too, she gets lots of attention by Grandma and Grandpa. Plenty of ear rubbing.

Pictures are from our backyard and my Son’s front yard (last shot) in Cedar Creek. There are a few more snow shots in the blog below this one.
Bailey Plow
Cedar Creek

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Sunday Stills Hats

We had our fingers crossed for a White Christmas. The weather was looking good for snow on Christmas Day. But alas, we had to wait until today, but it was worth it. We are looking at 6-7 inches in our neck of the woods. The dogs love it and it reminds me of being a kid. The last time there was snow on the ground for Christmas in good ole Fayetteville was 1989. The last time it actually snowed Christmas Day was something like 1946. Armywife and I had a very hearty cheese omelet (made by yours truly) along with bacon and toast. We suited up and headed outside. The dogs were ecstatic, Bailey had a hard time figuring out the snowballs disappeared in the snow or in her mouth. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to everyone.

Sunday Stills challenge was hats. Well, I’m sporting a wool hat to keep the noggin warm, while Armywife is sporting ear muffs. The shots in order – me and the hounds, Armywife with the snow covered evergreens behind our house and Chester the Snow Plow.
Pack Time
Beautiful Scene
Snow Plow

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Sunday Stills Holiday Decorations

As you can see, we took a few photos while visiting our youngest son in Salt Lake City earlier this month. The lights and size of the Christmas Tree screamed “take a picture in front of me”. We managed to take our fair share of photos.

Merry Christmas to all of you Sunday Stills photographers, my friends and family across the globe and those of you who wandered onto this site.

You may notice this picture is similar to last weeks post, with a big difference. Regular Guy spotted mistletoe and got a big kiss from Armywife.

A Big Hug to the youngest Son from his Mom. Notice that the tree changed colors. They did a great job of decorating that town square area of Salt Lake City.
A Christmas Hug

Although this is 4 years old, I do like it. It is from my point and shoot that has since moved on to electronic wasteland. Downtown Fayetteville celebrating the lighting of the Christmas Tree (2006).
22. street-lights

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Sunday Stills – Pets

Congratulations to Ed and two years of Sunday Stills. Big kudos to Lisa at Laughing Orca Ranch, Judy at Loves Ranchlife & More and Shirley at Ride A Good Horse for being dedicated photographers and pulling in those giveaways from Ed for taking great pictures and posting every week. I don’t fall into the posting every week category by a long shot.

I can’t believe it has been a month since my last post. We’ve been quite busy. I’ve been working on replacing our deck on the weekends with FlxFlyer and Mr. Mechanic (my father and son) (you’ll see the deck in the pet photos). We also took a get away vacation to the mountains of North Carolina. Most recently Armywife and I just returned from a trip to Utah to see our son who lives near Salt Lake City.

Here are my submissions for this week, our pets. First a catch up, so you all don’t think I’m dodging challenges especially the Self Portrait, taken by our Son while visiting downtown Salt Lake City. It was a cold, rain/snow mix night. The fire was nice.
Regular Guy & Armywife Salt Lake City
Our Pets, Bailey, Baxter and Chester.
Bailey, after a dip in her pool.
Bailey - wet and happy
Baxter with his usual attitude look, sitting on the old deck.
Baxter with attitude
Chester is getting into his spot, while we work on the deck. He doesn’t like the hammers and saws or anything loud for that matter.
Chester Hiding from Deck Noise
See more great pictures at Sunday Stills.

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Sunday Stills Halloween


We had trick or treaters on Saturday. The weather was perfect – clear and in the low 60’s. We were worried that we didn’t buy enough candy, but low and behold we had 1/4 of our stash left when it was over. We did carve a pumpkin and our son and his wife stopped by to see what they could get.

Kitty Pumpkin

Bailey got to go as a Bubble Bee, because she is Busy as a Bee. She was also our first customer.

Busy as a Bee

We had a eerie fog that mysteriously rolled in at trick or treat time. I ended up foggy most of the neighborhood with my machine.

Mystery Fog?

We had yummy treats for the kids, don’t mind the eyeballs and spider eggs.

Yummy Treats

We enjoyed the evening and the great company we had. To see more Halloween pictures, go to Sunday Stills.

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A Day at the Vet

This morning was our annual trip to the vet for Baxter (eyes in header) and Bailey. Chester is a solo trip because he is a 105 pound bulldozer/tank. Baxter sings all the way there and while in the waiting room. Bailey sits patiently at my side with her chin on my knee. Baxter clams up when we go into the room. I’m sure he is thinking “if I’m quiet I will avoid the checkup.” Bailey – all is well with temp check, but when the fecal check was done – wow. I swear her eyes got bigger as she jerked her head towards me. “What is this about?” is how I read it.
Baxter comes out and sits quietly on the scale and takes his exam like a champ. He practically runs back into his carrier when I opened it up. Back in the truck, let the singing begin.
All pets are fine, even Chester who had to hide while we worked on our deck (loud pounding noises and power saws are not good bloodhound sounds).
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Milestone Day

I celebrated a milestone this week. The cake picture says it all, note that the number is slightly out of focus, much as my close up world is without my glasses LOL. My youngest son, The Airman, surprised me by showing up. Armywife very successfully conspired to have him show up without my knowledge. She did a very good job, despite the slip of the tongue from Mr. Mechanic. We went out to eat at a local Japanese Steakhouse with Poochiegirl, FlxFlyer, Mr. Mechanic, Pepper, The Airman and Armywife.

The Number says it all.

Standing: The Airman and Mr. Mechanic. Sitting: Regular Guy and Armywife

The Airman goes back at O-dark-hundred Monday. We’ve been sorting out backpacking gear he is going to take back to enjoy the great outdoors in Utah and surrounding areas. Mr. Mechanic departed for Bristol for the big race this weekend.

Thanks to my mom and dad, my sons and daughter in law and a special thanks to my wife for the gifts and gadgets. Armywife hooked me up with three CDs that she created. They contain all of the number 1 songs for each year since I was born. There was some modification to the list, but it is great gift. Thank you Armywife and iTunes (I’m sure iTunes appreciates it too).

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