Sunday Stills Alcohol

More shots (pun intended) from my recent trip. These pictures are from Salt Lake City and Park City, Utah.

The High West Distillery and Saloon is where we stopped for lunch. It smelled real good in the room where this contraption was located. Smelled like they were baking homemade bread.

High West Distillery

These were taken in Salt Lake City, I don’t know where Bar Y or Bar Z are at.

Beer BarBar X

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Keep A Smile On Your Face.

Sunday Stills – Favorite Subject

Not an easy challenge. I guess my favorite subjects change with my moods. I do like to take night shots. I try hard to not use a flash and use the light available, whatever it is. Chasing the light they say. I do try to avoid the harsh noon sun and prefer sunset light to sunrise light (not to mention I don’t have to get up early for those). One of my favorite shots, no flash, untouched.DSC_0131_2

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Keep A Smile On Your Face.