Capture Your 365 – Ensemble 5/365. en-sem-ble a group of items viewed as a whole rather than individually and I have to be in the photo. To play ball, it takes a thrower and a catcher/receiver (or retriever in this case) to make it whole it takes a willing dog (check), tennis balls (check), ball slinger (check) and ball thrower (me/check). Yes, I’m showing balls that get used on a daily basis. That is Bailey in this photo. The photo below that is the ball stealing, photo bomber – Trouble (check and double check).


Photo-bomb and ball thief!

Photo-bomb and ball thief!

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Capture Your 365 – Good Morning 2015

Introducing – Trouble. We are fostering Trouble, maybe for a few weeks, months or lifetime.

We picked him up December 26, 2014. He was abandoned in Colorado or Nebraska a few years back. Now he is staying with us. The cats have adjusted and Bailey would still like to be the only dog in the house, but she is fine with Trouble. Trouble has made himself at home, enjoying his Kong below.

Capture Your 365 – 1/365 Good Morning 2015!Good Morning 2015

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Sunday Stills Musical Groups or Songs as Picture

Don’t pay attention to the advertising on this, the picture is supposed to represent a musical group.


If you guessed the group, this represents one of their songs, take it at face value.



Here is another song, this was from the Beatles,

DSC_0222 - Version 2

One more song – I like the live version from Ted Nugent


To see more ideas on groups or songs represented by pictures, go to Sunday Stills.

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