Sunday Stills Your Best Shot 2010

Happy New Year to all. My year on WordPress  was 54 posts with over 3700 hits, enough people to fill over 9 747-400s. I’m sure many out there get many more hits on their blogs. I limited myself to WordPress this year. I had a blog on typepad and blogger, but settled on WordPress as the easiest to manage.

Sunday Stills Challenge this week is a tough challenge, picking what you like from your own pictures. I did limit myself to three. Last year my #1 picture was a shot of Chester in our backyard with his head thrown back as though he were howling, that picture received the most published comments for 2009. So without any more fanfare, my three favorite shots of 2010.

The California Coast, March 2010 – a shot looking down on the surf below.
Looking down

A picture of bubbles I created with dishsoap, a clear bowl, flashlight and a straw.

Last one, a macro shot of a Mexican Sunflower in our garden.
Mexican Sunflower

Keep A Smile On Your Face. Looking forward to another year of Sunday Stills.

Evening Sun

Out and about in Herndon, Virginia. Walked the streets in the evening killing some time. Listened to a couple of songs. Nice buildings, nice weather and a good evening sun. Heading home tomorrow.

Train Station

The Cheaters - Herndon Live

Keep A Smile On Your Face.

Taking in the Pacific

Today the sun actually showed up all day. I headed down California 1 to see Big Sur. Shot more pictures than I can look at and take in. Here are a few. Remember to click on the photo to bigify it. Many a film maker has shot footage from within this park. One of the beaches was used in the movie “From Here, to Eternity” not sure which one. Heading home tomorrow, early morning flight, late arrival in North Carolina. Don’t get dizzy looking at the first picture.

Looking Down into the Surf

A Group of 5 or 6 Sea Lions sharing the beach.

A quiet cove.

Sunset over the Pacific

Keep A Smile On Your Face.

Sunrise and Sunset in California

I’m in California for a bit this week. First, my luggage only made it as far as Los Angles, guess that $25 the airline charges you isn’t quite enough for it to make it from the east coast to Monterey. The bag did show up the following day around lunch. Not before I got to wear my travel clothes for day #2. It has also rained and rained. My internal sleep clock is out of whack, but oh well. Plenty of Starbucks goes a long way to making it through those meetings especially in the afternoon.

I did manage a couple of shots this am before the rain, during the rain and sunset (after it finished raining for the day). Click on the pictures to “bigify” them. Bigify is a real word, really, just google it.


During the rain

Sunset Monterey California

Keep A Smile On Your Face

Doggles equals Ride

When the Doggles come out, Bailey goes for a ride. Armywife and I went to a local walking park on a beautiful Sunday afternoon. Along came Bailey – “Safety First” she has doggie eye protection for those times when she absolutely must hang her head out of the window of a moving vehicle (which is always).

Doggles for Bailey

We capped this off with a trip to Dairy Queen on our way home, Bailey gets the bottom of the cone, where the ice cream settles. Chester got his when we arrived home. He doesn’t like rides too much, doggles or no doggles. He’d rather stay home and guard his bed.

Keep A Smile On Your Face.


Well today we visited Epcot, very nice day with temps in the low 70’s and clear blue skies and a occassional wisp of cloud floating through the sky.

We are feeling guilty for the nice weather we’re having and the ice storm that is about to hit Fayetteville. We’ll be traveling home in some of that. My dad is babysitting the granddogs and grandcat. I think they are calling for some cold temps and snow near Cauzie’s house in Maryland.

Here are a couple of shots to make you all feel warmer. Tomorrow is the Air Boat ride on “Spirit of the Swamp” dinner with family and packing for home. A quick trip to Daytona to see The Marine and north on 95 for the remainder of Saturday – stopping before we hit the ice zone.

Regular Guy and Armywife at Epcot

I Pledge Allegiance to the Flag...

Tower near "Italy"

Keep warm and dry and Keep A Smile On Your Face.

Dade City, Florida

We are on our trip to Florida. We made a surprise visit to see family in Dade City. Below is a family shot, seems some people can’t keep their tongue in their mouth (LOL). The horse is Eddie, a very friendly dude.

Red Shirt Sunday - 2010

Camera Ham - Eddie - 2010

Keep A Smile On Your Face

Frigid – for Fayetteville NC

Last night Armywife and I ventured to downtown Fayetteville. We found this fountain on Hay Street. As we pulled up a news crew was taking down their cameras from filming the same “landmark.” When we got home, I came into the living room just in time to see the same fountain on Fox News when they were reporting on how cold it would be across the country. Rewind the DVR and there it was earlier in the day. The picture on TV was a day shot of the fountain.  Some of you will laugh, but the temps in the 20’s are a big thing here, especially when it goes on for more than a couple of days. We may even get a dusting of snow later this week.

Closeup of the top

Close up of Top

Ice Fountain - Hay Street

Keep Warm and Keep A Smile On Your Face.