Sunday Stills Alcohol

More shots (pun intended) from my recent trip. These pictures are from Salt Lake City and Park City, Utah.

The High West Distillery and Saloon is where we stopped for lunch. It smelled real good in the room where this contraption was located. Smelled like they were baking homemade bread.

High West Distillery

These were taken in Salt Lake City, I don’t know where Bar Y or Bar Z are at.

Beer BarBar X

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Sunday Stills Motorcycles

Needless to say the weather did not cooperate well this week. When I had a camera with me, it rained. Going through my photos also showed me I don’t have any motorcycle photos. I did have a photo of my dad sometime around 1969 on a Greeve’s Motorcycle. It was motocross style motorcycle.  I did  manage a photo outside the local Cape Fear Harley Davidson last night just after sunset. I also used an antique filter for it.


DSC_0018 - Version 2

To see more motorcycles, go to Sunday Stills. Maybe I can rectify my lack of motorcycle photos by buying one – what say you Armywife?

Speaking of weather – it has been crazy here this week. I don’t ever remember an August were we had three days in a row of high temperatures below 80. The summer has been very mild, very few hot days (hot and high humidity). I could actually like it. I thought I was in the mountains on Thursday morning when it was around 60 with low humidity.

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Sunday Stills – Looking Down

A couple of these are a recognizable figure – Baxter our tabby cat. Below is him surveying the front yard from the second story bedroom window.


Next is also Baxter from a step ladder – we call him the Helper



The last one, is from the California coast looking down to the surf below. This was near the Pacific Coast Highway.



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Sunday Stills – No Zoom Required

Using my 35mm lens on my camera I capture these two shots this morning. The road I’m on is also the earthen dam separating these two lakes from each other. Not to mention this is the way in and out of a neighborhood for some folks. I’ll be driving this road with my camera come fall color change over. I can almost see the colors now.

Lower Rayconda Lake

Lower Rayconda Lake

Upper Rayconda Lake

Upper Rayconda Lake

The weather here has been a challenge unto itself. Lots of rain and clouds for the last couple of weeks. To see more go to Sunday Stills.

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Sunday Stills Historical Sites and Markers

Fayetteville - Liberty Point

Fayetteville – Liberty Point

First up, Cape Fear/Fayetteville – a sign explaining the name with the new blooms of the nearby Crape Myrtle’s peeking into the scene. The building is also known as Liberty Point, explained below.

Next up Liberty Point. Somewhere near this spot citizens of Cape Fear signed their Declaration of Independence also known as the Liberty Point Resolves on June 20, 1775 – almost 238 years ago to the day. The corner stone and a monument with names of those “Patriots” who signed the Liberty Point Resolves is below that.

Liberty Point

Liberty Point

Liberty Point Monument

Liberty Point Monument

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Sunday Stills – Sunrise or Sunset

This is a shot of sunset in Springfield, Virginia. The fair set up was going on when I shot this. I used my sunset shot from Tampa in the Sunday Stills Sky posting, so I didn’t want to use that again. Notice the worker sitting in the seat – wishing to be somewhere else?

Super Shot Sunset

Waiting for customers

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Sunday Stills – Horses

The Sunday Stills Challenge was horses. That is a challenge for me. I was out of town and had bad weather we I returned. I did go in search of horses on Saturday and found these.

A pair of horses eating in the sunshine or should I say, grazing.Grazing Horses

A smiling horse a few miles away.



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Sunday Stills – One Subject

The Sunday Stills Challenge was one subject. Lucky for me, the Budweiser Clydesdales came to Fayetteville to honor the Red, White and Blue Memorial Day Weekend. FlxFlyer was there too. He called me as I was packing up my camera to head downtown. This was outside the Airborne and Special Operations Museum.

On Parade

Smile for Camera

Big Yawn

Dog Guide

To see more you can visit Sunday Stills. To see more of my photos you can visit my Flickr site.

Two bonus shots – a truck shot for Ed and a picture of me (in the reflection).

Horse Hauler



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Sunday Stills – Yellow

Favorite time of the year. Just came back from a week in the North Carolina Mountains. Saw Ed’s post on Sunday Stills for the color yellow. Fall colors were pretty much gone due to the storm Sandy. Back home though the colors are still holding in there. This is from our backyard.
Poplar Tree Fall Colors

We are enjoying the beautiful weather along with our critters. The cats are asleep on the deck along with Bailey (who just finished a game of ball). Chester is sound asleep on his bed by the sliding door to the deck.

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