Sunday Stills Alcohol

More shots (pun intended) from my recent trip. These pictures are from Salt Lake City and Park City, Utah.

The High West Distillery and Saloon is where we stopped for lunch. It smelled real good in the room where this contraption was located. Smelled like they were baking homemade bread.

High West Distillery

These were taken in Salt Lake City, I don’t know where Bar Y or Bar Z are at.

Beer BarBar X

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Sunday Stills Murals or Graffiti

What a crazy week here in the Sandhills of North Carolina. We had three days in a row of snow (unheard of in these parts). Schools were closed for most of the week. People were caught unprepared for the snow and ice (I don’t know if you can really prepare for ice). Many motorists were stranded in their cars or abandoned their cars alongside the road. Snow removal equipment is few and far between, hard to justify the cost when the average snowfall is just over 2 inches a year. I think we got about 8 inches of snow with some ice mixed in this week and 4 inches of snow a couple of weeks ago.

Anyway – Sunday Stills Murals or Graffiti – first up Mother Nature with some creative graffiti in the icicle drip (it was about an inch long).Icicle B&W

I’m not sure if this can be considered graffiti or is it a mural?Near I95 South Carolina

Last up – a mural near downtown Monterey CaliforniaDSCN0493

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Sunday Stills – Looking Down

A couple of these are a recognizable figure – Baxter our tabby cat. Below is him surveying the front yard from the second story bedroom window.


Next is also Baxter from a step ladder – we call him the Helper



The last one, is from the California coast looking down to the surf below. This was near the Pacific Coast Highway.



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Vacation Time!

Nothing like a family trip to the mountains. We headed out here on Monday. A bit of snow for most of Tuesday and a good fire going in the fireplace. Today is supposed to be a wintry mix, so another fire is in order. Staying connected isn’t an issue. We have iPads (1st and 3rd generation), Galaxy Tablet, Laptops, and smartphones. The signal isn’t too great for any of our phones (that is a good thing).

Some high tech visiting.

The hot tub is up and running, ready to warm some folks up. No signs of Squatch, but we think we heard some Turkey’s. Tried our iPhone Turkey call, but no response.

Maybe it will clear up at night and I can get in some night shots.

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Sunday Stills Fade to Black

Ed has decided that this will be his last challenge as the moderator of Sunday Stills. Linda has also chosen this time to step aside. Thank you to Ed and Linda for the 3 plus years of coming up with challenges to shoot and encouraging us to get out, change your view point, take pictures and share them with folks from around the world. Good luck to the Crazy Sheep Lady at Punkin’s Patch who has volunteered to pick up where they left off and carry on.

My shots for the fade to black are:

How to Beat the Heat

Sunset at Monterey

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