Sunday Stills Pick Two

Long break from this (too long). My picks are flowers and highway (or road).
A sunflower from our back garden.
Wide Open
The Highway 1 Sign from the Pacific Coast Highway near Monterey California.
Pacific Coast Highway

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Keep a smile on your face, the Johnny Rockets smile might help.
Smiley Face Johnny Rockets

Sinclair Gas Sign

Here is the sign through the clean up drill. I think we have a buyer too. A man is coming with cash tomorrow, keep your fingers crossed. The sign was sitting against the shed in my mother-in-laws backyard. It is 7ft wide and 5ft tall with a green frame around it. Searching the web and Ebay trying to get an idea of how much is this thing worth. We found one for $2500, but the man selling it has not moved it in over a year. We found another one, around $850 with no bids.

As we found it


Good side with my gloves on it

Letters and numbers etched on both sides - LR 61 or IR 61

Next came moving this puppy – and it ain’t light. Breaking out the hose and dish soap and scrubbing away the grime.

Test Clean the "bad" side

Good Side cleaned up

The Bad Side cleaned up

I even tweeted a picture to American Pickers, hoping Danielle would show up to to “negotiate.”

Keep A Smile On Your Face and fingers crossed for the buyer to come through.

Sunday Stills The First Signs of Fall

I can’t believe it has been almost 3 months since I last posted. It was a hot summer, busy with work and travel. A trip to Utah by Regular Guy and Armywife to visit the returning Airman from his deployment. Promotions and moving for Mr. Mechanic and Pepper. The Sunday Stills challenge this week (thanks Linda) fit nicely into our travel/family plans. The Airman came to see us, so we all headed out to Boone, North Carolina. The Grandparents (Poochiegirl and FlxFlyer) even came out for a couple of days. Pepper couldn’t make it but we thought of her often and bought some stuff for her.

Fall is in the air out in the mountains of North Carolina. College football on Saturday (Appalachian State won!) leaves beginning their annual change of colors, chimpmunks taking every raw peanut you throw their way back to their home for winter. We had deer come through the yard, Sugar Gliders (Flying Squirrels) leaping from a tree right in front of the deck we sat on every night like clockwork, Pileated Woodpeckers flying by and even heard a raccoon scuffle one night. Mr. Mechanic even heard an owl last night (he is kind of a night owl anyway and heard it around 1:30am.

The trip was almost soured by a chest cold I brought with me and quickly passed off to Armywife and quite a bit of rain. Today we went on a venture through Banner Elk, Seven Devils, Linville, around Grandfather Mountain, Over the Linn Cove Viaduct on the Blue Ridge Parkway, stopped in Blowing Rock and had dinner at Woodland’s BBQ (very simple and very good). We capped the night off with a few games on the Wii.

First up, may favorite – a little pond in Banner Elk caught my eye as we drove into town. Actually the red leaves with the red building did.
Banner Elk
Shots two and three were was also from Banner Elk, a Pumpkin Patch set up along the road.
Pumpkin Patch
Pumpkin Art
Last up, one of the chipmunks waiting for his peanut to be thrown.
Waiting for Peanuts
Keep A Smile On Your Face, I’ll do my best to not go so long between posts again.

Sunday Stills Potluck

The Sunday Stills Challenge is Potluck, do whatever you want, but no archives. Easy enough.

We were in the Valle Crucis North Carolina area for the past week. I managed a shot or two. First up is Different Drum Lake, used in last weeks photo for grasses. Second up is a macro shot I managed to get right out our backdoor.
Pier View Different Drum Lake

Mountain Berry

Keep A Smile On Your Face.

Sunday Stills Weeds and Grasses

The Sunday Stills Challenge was weeds and grasses. We are on vacation in Valle Crucis, North Carolina and found some grass. The first shot is of some stumps on Different Drum Lake, near where we are staying.
Different Drum Lake

The second shot was in a meadow on Howard’s Knob which overlooks the town of Boone, NC. Beautiful day to venture out. A butterfly happened by as I laid down in the grass to snap some shots.
Howard's Knob

Keep A Smile On Your Face.

Sunday Stills Wildflowers and Flowers

Quite the week. Last Saturday, April 16, our area was besieged by Tornadoes. We are doing fine and were very lucky. I’ve posted some pictures on another blog, you can click here to see them.

Just to repeat one thing – invest in a weather radio.

The Sunday Stills Challenge was Wildflowers and flowers. I did manage to find a few to take some pictures of.

Guarding Flowers or Cubs

"Wild" Flowers - Monterey California

Keep A Smile On Your Face.

Sunday Stills Spring Preview

Spring or Summer colors it is for Sunday Stills this week. Pulling from the archives for this one since everything around is gray and brown with a hint of green.

The Crape Myrtel is one from our backyard and taken last summer.

Crape Myrtel

This is one of my all time favorites from our trip to Disney World in Orlando Florida last year. This was being at the right place and the right time with the camera ready. I had just sat down and pulled my camera out of the bag when the lady popped out with all these balloons. Keep A Smile On Your Face and Happy Valentines Day.

Balloons Everywhere

Sunday Stills – Pets

Congratulations to Ed and two years of Sunday Stills. Big kudos to Lisa at Laughing Orca Ranch, Judy at Loves Ranchlife & More and Shirley at Ride A Good Horse for being dedicated photographers and pulling in those giveaways from Ed for taking great pictures and posting every week. I don’t fall into the posting every week category by a long shot.

I can’t believe it has been a month since my last post. We’ve been quite busy. I’ve been working on replacing our deck on the weekends with FlxFlyer and Mr. Mechanic (my father and son) (you’ll see the deck in the pet photos). We also took a get away vacation to the mountains of North Carolina. Most recently Armywife and I just returned from a trip to Utah to see our son who lives near Salt Lake City.

Here are my submissions for this week, our pets. First a catch up, so you all don’t think I’m dodging challenges especially the Self Portrait, taken by our Son while visiting downtown Salt Lake City. It was a cold, rain/snow mix night. The fire was nice.
Regular Guy & Armywife Salt Lake City
Our Pets, Bailey, Baxter and Chester.
Bailey, after a dip in her pool.
Bailey - wet and happy
Baxter with his usual attitude look, sitting on the old deck.
Baxter with attitude
Chester is getting into his spot, while we work on the deck. He doesn’t like the hammers and saws or anything loud for that matter.
Chester Hiding from Deck Noise
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Keep A Smile On Your Face.

Sunday Stills Shoes or Boots

It was actually under 60 degrees outside when I got up this morning. That feels good. The windows are open with the cat perched in one, imagining that he is an outside cat. The dogs are parked in front of a window with their nose glued to the screen to take in the air. I don’t remember when our last morning this cool was. The humming birds are still here, feeding and fighting over the feeders in our yard. Soon they’ll leave for warmer areas. I’m ready for Fall. We could also use some rain, the grass is getting pretty dry. Hurricane Earl didn’t even give us a drop of rain.

The picture was at the Mile High marker (no comments on that please) at Grandfather Mountain, North Carolina. The feet belong to Regular Guy and Armywife.
Mile High

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Keep A Smile On Your Face.